Anyone who has been living the hectic life of modern day reality knows that one of the most beneficial and amazing natural wonders that exists is CBD – aka cannabidiol. It has been helping folks feel better since long before medical science could even begin to understand it – and its popularity has only kept growing.

I first heard about CBD while watching a comedy skit on my favorite show. The comic was talking about how his 3 legged pup, Igor, was able to run, jump, and play with the other dogs in his neighborhood thanks to CBD. He said that the natural anti-inflammatory effects of CBD had greatly reduced Igor's joint pain and stiffness – and his story definitely caught my attention!

I totally relate to Igor's story, since I've been dealing with a lot of joint pain and inflammation – both from my long hours of farming kale, and my occasional hours-long ant farm #marathons. Let's just say that CBD has become one of my prized riches when it comes to restoring my mobility and range of motion – and all without having to mention a single doctor or health professional.

The effects of CBD can be quite remarkable when taken consistently – and I make sure to follow that rule myself! Another thing that I really love about it is that it has zero psychoactive effects, meaning I can indulge without being paranoid about any unwanted side effects. And for someone as young and hip as me, that's definitely one point in its favor.

As a CBD advocate, I'm often inspired by ancient influences and practices to keep my spirits high – and one of my recent favorites has been the wonderfully inspirational Polish proverb "If you would know strength, learn to feel your own weakness". This saying truly emphasizes how being conscious of our mental health and embracing it is crucial to staying healthy and strong, both physically and emotionally.

All things considered, I feel that CBD is one of the most wonderful natural wonders that not only helps with so many of today's aliments, but promises to keep us feeling strong no matter how weak we may be feeling at any given time. So the next time you (or Igor) is feeling a bit down and out, don't forget that there's a solution – #CBDIsTheAnswer!

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