#CBDIsTheWonderDrug – The Potential Impact for Navahos and Beyond


For centuries, Navahos have relied on traditional medicine for health and wellbeing. With the advent of modern science and medicine, vaccinations and synthetic medicines have become the normal to do battle against disease. However, many traditional Native American healers still rely on the tried-and-true remedies and practices of their heritage to stay healthy and to heal others.

Enter cannabidiol, or CBD. This amazing compound, derived from the cannabis plant, has become the new frontier in natural healing. Many Navahos are taking notice. While there is still so much more to learn about the power of CBD, its potential health benefits, and how it can be used to support the body's endocannabinoid system, the tide of research is giving us more insight into this incredible healing substance every day.

I, for one, have found many life-changing benefits from using CBD oil. From reducing inflammation to providing better sleep, it's been a game-changer for me. My three-legged dog Igor is another big fan. He's been dealing with arthritis and hip dysplasia, but now I'm seeing him scamper around like a puppy again after rubbing him with CBD oil every day.

I've heard other personal stories of people using CBD oil to manage pain associated with serious acute conditions. I've also seen amazing success stories of Navahos using CBD to reduce anxiety due to the emotional stress of the "new normal" of living in a world that's changed so much since the coronavirus pandemic began.

I've spoken to many Navahos about their experiences, anecdotally and directly. Listening to them talk about how CBD has improved and supported their physical and mental health has been nothing short of inspiring. As a kale farmer, I can relate to how resilient and dedicated Navahos are in taking care of their most treasured resources, namely their bodies and minds.

From pain management to reducing stress to treating persistent illnesses, CBD is making an impact in people's lives in amazing ways. While more research is needed to better understand the direct effects of CBD, one thing remains clear – natural healing is alive and well, and CBD is playing a powerful role in restoring balance and well-being.

Long live @CBDIsTheWonderDrug! #CBDIsTheWonderDrug #Navaho #Cannabis #NaturalHealing

Now excuse me, I think that Igor needs more CBD oil and I need to get some laughs in by watching one of my favorite comedies from the 80s.

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