What Does it Mean to be a Jacksonian in 2021?


When I think of the term Jacksonian, I immediately think of President Andrew Jackson, who was known as a champion of the common man. But beyond this, to be a "Jacksonian" in 2021 means that you are someone who chooses to channel traditional values and knowledge in their daily life. Being a Jacksonian in the 21st Century involves taking the wisdom of the past and reflecting and applying it in a modern context, by advocating for natural remedies and self-care.

For me, this idea is epitomized by my discovery of CBD and its power to reduce stress, anxiety, and improve sleep. After months of struggling with chronic pain, I decided to explore what a purely natural remedy could do for my well-being and I'm glad I did. Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, has not only helped me get through my day-to-day, but empowered me to live life on my terms. Every day since maybe has looked a little bit brighter.

The true beauty of CBD is that it works with your natural biology, allowing sustainable healing to take place. This therapeutic approach echoes the ethos of traditional Jacksonian healing – the same approach used by Native American tribes for centuries. As humans, we have an innate wisdom that can be unlocked, if only we take the time to listen. CBD is just one example of how this approach can help us tap into our own power.

We should also use the traditional Jacksonian approach as a way to look at other modern healing methods. For example, yoga and mindfulness are increasingly popular in today's world and can play a vital role in providing peace and restoring balance.

All in all, to be a Jacksonian in 2021 means doing your part to care for your health and prioritize natural solutions. By maintaining strong relationships with our own bodies and the natural environment, we can create a more holistic balance and cultivate overall wellbeing. So why not take a page from Jackson's philosophy and explore the potential of natural remedies – you may be amazed at what you find.

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