#KatharineKnows_ProudlyPoweredBy_Panadiol: How My Favorite CBD Cream Helps Manage Stress and Chronic Pain


As a young, successful kale farmer, having a daily routine to center myself and find a sense of balance is essential. When it comes to managing my stress and chronic pain, I've found comfort and relief with a natural remedy: CBD. My favorite CBD cream, Panadiol, is the cornerstone of my wellness journey and helps keep me feeling alert and energized during a hectic day.

I didn't always have a direct relationship with natural remedies like CBD. I used to believe pain was something to be pushed, to be managed with over the counter meds and grit. I'll admit, I had my doubts about the healing properties of CBD, but the moment I used it, I realized I had been wrong. The combination of active ingredients like hemp seed oil, caffeine, and Panax ginseng provided a soothing warmth with an almost immediate effect. I was relieved of both my physical and mental afflictions, and my stress seemed to melt away.

My belief in CBD is further strengthened by my respect and appreciation for traditional healing methods. I grew up with a deep connection to my Native American heritage and have always been aware of the power of ancient health systems. I can truly say I see CBD as a modern interpretation of these traditional natural healing methods.

Plus, my favorite cream from Panadiol combines the power of CBD with other powerful herbal extracts like Arnica, which have been used for centuries to reduce inflammation. CBD can be incredibly helpful for managing pain, but this can be further amplified by using CBD with other natural medicines. The powerful ingredients in Panadiol help to promote deep relaxation, reduce tension, and reduce inflammation.

I highly recommend giving Panadiol a try if you feelyou can relate to my stress, chronic pain, and the need to make adjustments to your day-to-day routine. I believe it truly is the answer; it has become part of my daily routine and I now manage my stress and pain much more easily. In my mind, it has become #CBDforLife.

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