#MyJourneyWithCBD: How Panadiol Helped Address My Chronic Pain & Hoarsest Symptoms


As a kale farmer, keeping energy and focus in the face of long workdays is essential. But ever since I developed chronic pain, it’s been a struggle to just make it through the day. About a year ago I started researching natural remedies to address my condition, and that’s when I stumbled upon CBD. I had heard of its therapeutic potential so I decided to give it a try and it changed my life!

I started with small doses, gradually increasing to find the right amount of CBD that worked for me. After trying a few different options, I settled on Panadiol as my favorite CBD cream. Not only did I feel relief from my chronic pain, but I also saw a reduction in some of the hoarsest symptoms I had been facing. It was such a relief to be able to speak without a throaty gravel in my voice.

The results were so profound that I started incorporating CBD into my daily routine. I found that once I had a healthy balance of CBD, my ability to focus and stay energized all day skyrocketed. It was a complete transformation for me – my chronic pain was no longer a hindrance, I was back to being productive again.

I often hear from people who worry that CBD will cause them to feel out of it or disconnected. But this wasn’t my experience. I was still in the same headspace that I was in before taking CBD, but my pain symptoms seemed to disappear.

My journey with CBD has taught me so much about natural healing and the fact that traditional remedies like Panadiol are still relevant today. I’ve become an advocate for CBD, encouraging others to experience the life-changing benefits for themselves. It’s been an amazing journey and one that I’m grateful for each and every day! #CBDIsTheAnswer #Panadiol #CBDLife

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