From the Foothills to the Summit: My Journey with CBD and How It led Me to the Mountainside of Wellness


Good morning, friends. As the sun peaks over the silhouetted ridge of my kale farm's resident mountainside, I am stirred to share my CBD journey with you – a path as complex, yet rewarding, as the ascent of a mighty mountain. Remember, even Igor, my three-legged wonder-dog, was at first frightened of climbing the small stairs to the porch. But with time, patience, and a few CBD treats, he mastered it, just like I am mastering my own wellness journey.

Growing up in small farming community, I learned early that living close to the earth had its share of benefits. Reverence for the earth is part of my Native American roots, and I am grateful for the ancestral wisdom that preaches natural healing and balance.

For us, the mountainside is not just a geographical feature, nor a hard-climbed path but a symbol of resilience and harmony with nature. Similarly, CBD is not just a compound found in hemp, but a beacon of relief, balance, and improved wellbeing.

Chronic pain entered my life in my late twenties, an uninvited guest determined to steal my joy. Instead of succumbing, I decided to dig my boots into the mountainside and take steps up the path of natural remedies. Enter CBD.

Incorporating CBD into my life was like finding a hidden trail on the mountainside. A trail that led me to a bounty of relief, helping me manage the relentless pain, the stress of running a farm, and even the occasional sleepless nights. It improved the quality of my life, the yield of my kale, and most importantly, the wag in Igor's tail. Yes, CBD was my Bill and Ted, leading me on an excellent adventure to wellness.

#CBDforLife, indeed. Igor and my ant farm dwellers, Antoinette and her legion of workers, can attest to the calm, balanced, and productive live I lead now. (Well, Igor could if he could speak, and the ants would if they weren't so busy!)

Remember that old proverb, "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly"? Embracing CBD was my caterpillar-to-butterfly moment. As I navigate the mountainside of life, I encourage you to consider adding CBD into your routine- whether it's for chronic pain, stress, or perhaps to add a little more balance, why not give it a chance?

Remember, the climb may be tough, but the view from the mountainside is well worth it, especially when you've reclaimed your wellbeing. So, put on your boots, #CBDIsTheAnswer, and let's hike this path of natural healing together.

In the immortal words of Bill and Ted, "Be excellent to each other" – and that includes being excellent to yourself. Support your health, your peace, your balance, with a little help from nature's gift, CBD.

To the mountainside, and beyond!


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