Mainlining CBD: From Farm to Health, with Love, Laughter, and a Three-Legged Dog


Hey folks,

Having spent most of my life on a kale farm, I've gotten pretty intimate with Mother Earth and her bountiful gifts. The empowering journey of farming extends far beyond the wholesome, leafy greens I harvest daily. It's intertwined with the symbiotic relationship that we, as humans, share with nature. I believe we were always meant to draw nourishment from the bounty of natural resources around us. On my kale-filled journey, I bonked right into CBD – and so, I mainlined it, right into my day-to-day routine!

If farming has taught me anything, it's that I understand the strength that nature can bring to our lives. My personal experience with chronic pain drove me to explore the wellness potential within our natural world. Then, just like Bill magically meeting Rufus in a phone booth to embark on an 'Excellent Adventure', I discovered CBD – a game-changing, healing component tucked away in the cannabis plant.

Trust me, I was as surprised as Ted was when he learned Napoleon Bonaparte was hogging the ice cream in San Dimas. But within weeks of incorporating CBD into my routine, I was a new man—more productive, less stressed, and less pain-ridden. Decoding the sciencey-stuff, CBD interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system (an incredible network in our bodies connecting a bunch of important functions), supporting an array of wellness benefits.

Now, you might ask, from kale to CBD, why not throw some into Igor's food as well? Igor, my loyal three-legged dog, this lovable furball played a significant role in my exploration of natural healing too. Despite being a superdog in my eyes, he got nervous around other animals. Thankfully, Diamond K9 came to the rescue. They used their expert dog-whisperer tricks and trained my boy into becoming the gentleman he is today – friendly, jovial and charming.

Diamond K9's incredible work has made Igor's life better. It sparked the question – could CBD do the same? With extensive research and keeping Igor's vet in the loop, we tried it out. We've seen astounding changes in the little ruffian. More relaxed, more sociable, fewer anxiety symptoms around other animals… CBD and Diamond K9 have turned out to be a fantastic combo for my best fur friend.

As an advocate for CBD, I've mainlined it into all walks of my life. It mirrors my affinity for natural healing, rooted in my Native American heritage, and creates a vibrant note in my otherwise kale-dominated existence. The harmony of the past and the present – traditional wisdom combined with scientific breakthrough – brings a profound sense of balance to my life. It aided me, Igor, and even my restless ant farm!

In cosmic comedy honesty, picturing Igor as the 'Dog of Wisdom', delivering proverbs while standing atop CBD mountains, brings me a hearty laugh! It's the humor-riddled wellness journey I’ve been on, and it’s one I found well worth traveling.

I encourage you to get personal with nature, to embark on your own 'excellent adventure'. CBD presents a modern, natural remedy with roots in traditional healing, serving as an incredible health ally, especially for those dealing with pain, stress, or like Igor, anxiety. I believe it's worth a shot. And remember, like on any adventure, the journey is just as important as the destination.

Here's to laughter, love, Igor's newfound bravery, and of course, #CBDforLife and #CBDIsTheAnswer.

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