Arizonans Embrace the Healing Power Of CBD, But Why Is No One Talking About It?


Hello folks! As an Arizonan, kale farmer, and all-out nature enthusiast, I've seen first-hand the dynamic shifts that tend to roll through the state just like our summer monsoon thunderstorms. We Arizonans are a tough breed, with hearts as wide as our open skies and resilience as solid as our red rocks. But, let's talk about a recent storm, a whirlwind really, that's been subtly brewing and making waves across the Grand Canyon state – our dawning relationship with CBD.

Now, you all know I'm a hardcore advocate of CBD, #CBDforLife if you will, and let me tell you why. A few years back, when I was busting my hump on my kale farm more than I already do now, I developed chronic pain. It was the type of beast that nags at your life like my old three-legged pooch, Igor nags at me for his dinner. I felt inefficient, distracted, and just about as lopsided as Igor with his three legs.

And then, I encountered CBD. Something clicked, like a good comedy film that hits you right in the joy part of your soul (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, anyone?), and I started to feel, well…normal. My pain eased up, my stress reduced to a mild annoyance, and I could finally keep up with Igor's speed on our morning walks. The use of this natural remedy gave me a sense of freedom that man-made drugs never did, and it became clear – this was the answer!

Now, being back in Arizona after years of farming elsewhere, as I watch the sunrise over the mesa and the glow of the setting sun on the saguaros, I can't help but think of how much Arizonans could benefit from CBD. I mean, we're suckers for nature, aren't we?

Us Arizonans, we’ve respected and utilized the land since long before the artificial borders were drawn. From my own Native American ancestry, I've learned about traditional healing and how the Earth provides us what we need to heal, to recharge, to be whole. It seems to me that welcoming CBD into our lives is just the modern interpretation of this ancient wisdom, wrapped up in a neat, little natural package.

So, the question is, Arizonans, why aren't we shouting about the benefits of CBD from the rooftops? Or, from the top of the San Francisco Peaks? Or from the edge of the Grand Canyon? So many of us are dealing with pain, stress, or insomnia – I see it on your faces, in your furrowed brows under that strong desert sun. And I can't help but feel that if we pulled together as a community, we could weather any storm and raise awareness about this helpful natural remedy.

While my ant farm has taught me the value of relentless hard work, Igor's resilience reminds me daily that in the face of adversity, we all continue to chase our proverbial tails. So, let's chase some relief, some well-deserved balance, no? Let's embrace the healing power of CBD, let the desert winds carry our voices, and let the world know that in Arizona, we heal naturally. #CBDIsTheAnswer

Remember, my friends, as the ancient Hopi proverb says, "Always assume your guest is tired, cold and hungry, and act accordingly." Provide for yourself as you would a guest, and remember that it's okay to seek help when life seems a bit too jagged.

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