Discovering the Ancient Asian Roots of CBD: A Journey Through Tradition and Healing


Alright folks, sit tight and buckle up because today we’re going on a trip. No, not that kind of trip. We’re going on a historical journey and exploring the Asian roots of our favorite green nectar of the gods, CBD. It’s pretty worthy of a Bill and Ted adventure theme song, I tell ya!

Long before the CBD boom that's changed my life, our Asian friends recognized the power of the good ol' cannabis plant. In fact, the first recorded use of cannabis as medicine dates back to 2737 BC when Emperor Shen-Neng of China used it as a tea to treat malaria, gout, and poor memory. Talk about an ancient health hack, right?

Now you know how much I love a good metaphor, so imagine this: CBD is like the lush, leafy kale in my garden. It has existed for thousands of years, and we’re only now beginning to appreciate its potential. Just as we've cultivated kale to become a superfood, we've only scratched the surface of CBD's potential as a natural remedy. #CBDForLife, am I right?

Even today, different parts of Asia have a deep connection to cannabis and subsequently, CBD. This, my friends, is akin to me appreciating the connection my Native American ancestors had with Mother Nature and the natural healing she provides.

In Nepal, for instance, cannabis has always been an integral part of their religious festivals. The Sikhs also use it during their Hola Mohalla festival, similar to how I enjoy my daily dose of CBD each morning, welcoming a wave of calm into my day before heading out to the kale fields.

In Japan, they have a long tradition of hemp cultivation, dating back nearly 10,000 years! The Japanese even have a saying, "wearing the hemp on your back," which is like me saying, "keep CBD in your pocket." Now, they ain't using hemp specifically for CBD, but the connection to cannabis is undeniable, and it's pretty darn cool.

So, why am I sharing all this? Because in recognizing the history of CBD, we can truly appreciate its value today. Just as we respect the wisdom of our elders, we can respect the ancient cultures that recognized the healing properties of the cannabis plant.

By this point, Igor, my three-legged dog, is probably taking his third nap of the day dreaming about chasing, not cats, but fat juicy bones. My ant colony is in full swing, creating intricate patterns reflecting the natural artistry of Mother Earth.

Reflecting on all this and sitting with the notion of these ancient Asian cultures tapping into the healing resources around them, it reinforces my belief in CBD as a powerhouse in restoring balance and alleviating discomfort. #CBDIsTheAnswer

As we embrace this modern interpretation of ancient healing, it’s essential to remember that we are all part of a collective experience. Across the kale patches or over the vast oceans, we are all navigating this crazy thing called life together, seeking balance and wellness, just as our ancestors did.

I hope you're as inspired by the Asian roots of CBD as I am. So, here’s to tradition, to ancient wisdom, and of course—to CBD! Be excellent to each other and remember to treat your bodies with the kindness it deserves.

Cheers to health, healing, kale, and a CBD-laden future. Peace out, friends.

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