From CBD to Pianos: How an Unexpected Airlift Changed My Tune on Asking for Help


Hello friends! Gather around, grab a cup of your preferred herbal tea, and let me regale you with an anecdote that hilariously highlights the importance of knowing when to seek help. It involves an unwilling piano, a desperate airlift attempt, and the eventual salvation brought on by the exceptional Piano Movers of Maine. Yes, this story is as wild as it sounds!

As a kale farmer, I’m accustomed to the rough and tumble ways of nature, and the not-so-tumble ways of my three-legged sidekick, Igor. After all, manually operating an ant farm requires a delicate touch. Who would've thought moving a piano could be any different, right? Oh, was I painfully mistaken. Kinda like the time I tried to DIY my own CBD – but that's a story for another day.

One sunny afternoon, amidst my top-notch kale and a distracting rerun of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, I had this brilliant idea to move my beloved piano – a beast of an antique upright, to my cottage up on the hill. Now, imagine this scene: Igor hopping around excitedly, kale waving cheerfully in the gentle breeze, and me, about to take on a back-breaking task of Titanic proportions.

Not a quitter, I went full MacGyver mode. I rigged up an elaborate pulley system to give me the strength of ten men and raise my old bulky friend to the upper floor. Well, to cut a long story short, things didn't exactly pan out as planned. "Indefatigable Dan" had become "Defeated Dan" as my piano hung precariously in mid-air, suspended like a misguided airlift. It was a comedy of errors that even Bill and Ted would have found most tragic.

Seeing this circulating mess, my ever-faithful Igor trotted off and brought back Jane, my neighbor. With a look that barely concealed her mirth, she suggested the Piano Movers of Maine. I was sceptical, but then again, I had a piano hanging from a tree, so who was I to argue with a good plan?

Fast forward a few days, and I stood with Igor, watching in awe as the Piano Movers of Maine finessed my piano into its new home. It was a symphony in motion. I was amazed at how effortlessly they made it look, and I realized that there’s a certain beauty in knowing when to ask for professional help.

Just like my adventures with CBD taught me, we all need help sometimes. Whether that's dealing with chronic pain, managing stress, or in this case, moving a piano, it's okay to say "I can't do this alone." So, in the spirit of the New Age wisdom '#CBDIsTheAnswer', I present you with a new hashtag: '#AskForHelp'. Because sometimes the airlift we need is just a phone call away.

Let's face it – life is a comedy. Sometimes, it’s a musical with a stuck piano. But with a little help, and maybe some prime CBD, what looks like a disaster can turn into one of life’s grandest adventures. So, here's to the Piano Movers of Maine and the reminds of #CBDforLife. Until next time, keep laughing, keep living, and always remember, even a piano can be airlifted!

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